Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

Some companies call them “Brown Bag” lunch talk sessions in honor of the brown bags corporate employees used to carry lunches in.

Corporate Lunchtime Talk Topics List:

  1. 45 Minutes Memory Improvement Lunchtime Hour Talks
  2. 45 Minutes How To Effectively Learn a Foreign Language Using Memory Techniques Lunchtime Hour Talks
  3. 45 Minutes Improving Your Attention & Concentration Lunch Hour Talk
  4. 45 Minutes Speed Reading Lunchtime Hour Talks
  5. 45 Minutes The Art of Networking Lunchtime Hour Talks
  6. 45 Minutes The Optimal Diet For Memory Improvement Lunch Time Hour Talk
  7. 45 Minutes Top 10 Soft Skills Every Corporate Professionals Lunch Hour Talk
  8. 45 Minutes How to Remember Names & Faces Lunchtime Hour Talks
  9. 45 Minutes Emotional Intelligence for Corporate Professionals Power Lunchtime Hour Talk
  10. 45 Minutes Body Language in The Workplace Lunch Time Hour Talk

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